The average patient with chronic pain spends 4.5 years trying to find a treatment for their condition?

PainScale is a trusted resource doctors can offer patients to manage their pain.

One-Page Pain Report

Understand your patient's treatment journey in 60 seconds

Trusted Education

Save your patients time browsing the internet for answers

Resource Library

Give your patients a resource they can trust, easier than Google

Close the Loop

Know what happens between visits to better treat your patients


Report - Tablet

Patient History in 60 Seconds

See how treatments impact your patient’s pain and level of function


"PainScale report improves a patient's diagnosis speed, accuracy, and time to treatment."

Pain Specialist, San Francisco, CA

Better Patient Communication

Visualized data to help you understand what helps and triggers your pain


"PainScale helps doctors and patients share information to make better decisions."

Anesthesiologist, Chicago, IL
Insights - Phone
History - Phone

Keep an Eye on Their Well-being

Track your patients pain, treatments, medications, activity, mood, and sleep


"Providing my patients with PainScale has improved patient satisfaction in my clinic."

Primary Care Physician, Los Angeles, CA
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