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Try These 8 Treatments to Help Your Anxiety

Source: Mayo Clinic

Lack of sleep, nicotine, stress, pain and depression can all be causes of anxiety. Around 3.3 million U.S adults experience anxiety. Try out these remedies to combat and manage your anxiety symptoms. 

Lavender oil

It contains bioactive ingredients such as linalyl acetate and linalool which soothes your nervous system and relieves depression. Add four drops of pure oil in two cups of boiling water, and breathe in the pleasant smells for calming relief. Rub it on your body after a bath by mixing it with almond oil to help combat anxiety.


They provide nutrients and help combat anxiety and depressive moods. An effective way to use it is to make a paste and mix it with milk. By soaking it overnight, and peeling it in the morning, you can make a paste and add a pinch of nutmeg for improved results.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration contributes to anxiety and panic attacks. Water enables the body to function normally. Without it, blood circulation is poor, muscles are tensed, and the body gets weaker, making it more prone to stress which triggers anxiety.


It can promote relaxation and battle depression and stress. It can help you sleep better. By adding ¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg to your food and drink will do wonders for your body. You can also inhale the oil or essence to boost your mood.

Lemon balm

Also known as Melissa Officinalis is a part of the mint family. It has relaxation properties and is used for treating anxiety, appetite issues, etc. Tea can be brewed by putting one teaspoon of dried lemon balm in hot water for a minute or can be taken in supplement form. It should not be used for long time periods. 


It promotes relaxation and has a mild sedative in it. You can take supplements for larger doses, or as tea. Use chamomile dried flowers and brew for 5 minutes, before straining and drinking it.

Dieting and exercise

Both should be done together. They make you physically healthy, helping you regulate hormones that cause anxiety. You can use low-anxiety diets such low intake of flour and sugar, fried items, alcohol, etc. which will increase your physical and mental wellbeing.


It has calming properties, calms the digestive muscles and respiratory system as well as improves brain function. Add two teaspoons of dried rosemary in one cup hot water, steeping it for 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy your tea for calming your anxiety.

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