5 Exercises to Help Ease Your Pain

Source: Healthline

While medicine and physical therapy are vital components of managing chronic pain symptoms, increased physical activity as a daily habit can increase quality of life. Physical activity results in the release of natural endorphins. Endorphins are brain chemicals that support your mood while simultaneously blocking pain signals, thus increasing the relief of chronic pain. In effect, this can also help to increase your quality of sleep and potentially even reduce the need for medication.


Walking is a low-impact aerobic activity that safely and effectively provides your muscles with oxygen. By increasing your circulation, you may experience decreases in pain and stiffness.

Aquatic exercises

Gentle exercises in warm water are a calming and comforting combination to aid in chronic pain relief. Research has demonstrated that this may be due to the very low impact on the joints in water-based workouts.

Stretching and yoga

Stretching and yoga can be very beneficial for the improvement of chronic pain. Maintaining good posture, gentle stretching, and relaxation exercises such as deep breathing or meditation are important to build into your daily routine.

Strength training

Strength training can significantly ease chronic pain and benefit ones overall health. Workouts that use free weights or resistance machines are helpful for balanced strength training. Start out with limited weight (where you feel comfortable) and slowly increase the intensity.

Activities of daily living

If you are not excited about going to the gym or experience too much pain and fatigue to exercise, everyday activities and daily chores can help. Standard activities such as laundry, walking to the mailbox, cooking, bathing, and dressing have improved the function of people with chronic pain.