100M Suffer from Chronic Pain Every Day



One in five individuals will suffer from chronic pain in their lifetime – this is more than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined1.  Chronic pain costs the U.S. health system up to $300B annually2, accounts for an estimated 515 million workdays lost, and is the primary reason for over 40 million doctor visits a year3.

We believe all patients, but specifically pain sufferers, expect a higher level of service, communication and education, and look to engage with providers much like they do everyday consumer products.  Diabetes, cancer, obesity, and heart disease all have mobile applications, websites, and wellness programs to help patients – patients suffering from chronic pain never had that option, until now.

Introducing PainScale, an innovative start-up company with teams from Silicon Valley and the Los Angeles area that is focused on improving a pain suffers journey through the complex health system.  PainScale uses a combination of behavioral science and data science to help connect patients with content and treatments that may be suitable for them.  Developed in partnership with hundreds of chronic pain patients and leading pain specialists, PainScale is developing both web and mobile application solutions that will take individuals by the hand from the onset of their journey, all the way through the end when they are connected with a treatment that will work for them.

PainScale provides physicians with access to real-time, actionable data that will better position care teams to create specific, personalized patient touch-points and support programs.  By keeping patients connected with their care teams through online program, we can make PainScale more meaningful and impactful.

We will be launching our product in 2017 and would love for your help.

To join us in the journey to help the over 100M individuals suffering from chronic back pain fine relief and restore their life, join our newsletterand like our 


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